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Operational Efficiency

Eficiencia Operativa

Develop your operational efficiency program that allows you to generate savings in your operation and increase your productivity without incurring in large investments. Implement from process changes to reduce paper usage and data typing to early the first task automation robots.

The recommended process to follow is:

    • First analyze your current processes, make a time study of critical processes, measure and identify which activities take the most time.

    • Identify redundant, unnecessary, or changeable tasks.

    • Design your new processes based on evidence and previous study conducted, Give priority to customer interaction and satisfaction, agile and simple processes, support of information systems and change in operating paradigms. Make use of industry recommendations and adjust your process under common sense.

    • In your new process, make use of technological tools for information capture and processing. Reduce paper usage and capture data in digital format from its source.

    • Implement digital workflow tools that allow you to start a flow based on an event or trigger, make decision flows, make approvals, transfer tasks from one area to another and inform the client of relevant news through notifications.

    • Implement audit mechanisms and permanent control, exhaustive quality control with time measurement and effectiveness.

    • Empower people and perform change management activities to facilitate the adoption of new processes. If people do not adopt the processes as their own and internalize them, the changes will not have the expected success.

    • Deploy digital signature securely in your documents and approvals.

    • Finally, automate repetitive tasks that are clearly identified with a block of tasks, such as order generation, invoices, reports, etc. Design automation cases and then implement using market tools.

    • Evaluate your indicators on a regular basis and make adjustments to processes under a continuous improvement mechanism.

The main recommendation is to prepare its collaborators for the adoption of change and to acquire the new skills that the market and society demand. Automation does not mean job loss or job deterioration, but rather the replenishment of positions and outsourcing of operational tasks under robots controlled by the same worker.

We are ready at DATION to help you in your process of generating operational efficiency and digital transformation: By training their workforce to generate the automations themselves and learn new skills by applying data analysis and artificial intelligence across all processes, be it sales, marketing, customer service, supply chain and administrative. We provide the necessary accompaniment in its transformation due to the wide experience of our work team in different industries generating savings and maximizing benefits from the intelligent use of technology and the exploitation of human capital.

If you want to know more about this subject, besides having a talk of generating value from data, we invite you to contact us, it will be a pleasure to know your reality and contribute in your Competitiveness and Sustainability from People, Data and Technology.

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