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Transformation and Sustainability from Data

Data Services

Services Included in Data Engineering (BI / Big Data)

We provide nearshoring services for helping you to implement your BI & Analytics projects with our proven methodology and experience. We offer two types of services: fixed-cost on a project basis or by talent augmentation.

Ingesting Structured / Unstructured sources & Streaming Data

Data Acquisition

Data Warehouse (BI) & Data Lake (Big Data) Build and Management


Data Integration / Data processing / Data Mining

Data Processing

Data Services

Services Included in Data Visualization

Turn data visualization tools into opportunities and valuable information

User experience / User Interface Design (UX / UI)

Business understanding (Questions to Answer) & KPI Design

Insights & Modelling Results

Mobile experience

Data Services

Data Science & AI

Go from Data to Action

Solutions for the problems of real business using analytical models and AI

Prediction / Forecasting Models:

Interests, Preferences, Purchase behaviors, Market trends, Customer satisfaction, churn, human trends & many others.

Artificial Intelligence:

Recommendations, Fraud Detection, Decision automation, Natural Language Processing, Video and IoT analytics.​

Software Automation

Freeing up time and costs on non-value-adding tasks through automation solutions


Software Factory

Quality + Fulfillment + Best Practices + Emerging Technologies + Proven Experience

ISO 9001

Case Studies

Data Services

Data Engineering Big Data Architecture.

Data Engineering & Visualization.

Software Factory

Ecommerce Software development.

Talent Staffing & Web and mobile development.

Data Science & AI

Dation Customers: Alcaldia de medellin

Smart City Analytics & Forecasting (Young pregnancy, child feeding, covid19, etc.)

Grupo Sura

Customer forecasting Healthcare analytics models.


APPTibiograma: Hybrid public mobile APP (Android & iOS) to recommend infections treatment.

Internal Android APP for Field Service management.

Technology Stack

Frontend & Backend


Cloud & Automtion

Databases & Analytics

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